3D Animation Project Management in Nigeria

3D animation project management in Nigeria is becoming more and more relevant to optimized delivery of animation projects. The difficulty with meeting or exceeding the expectations of your 3D animation project is in the ability of the 3D animation team to understand and create the animation to the exact way you want it. Boldfruit 3D animation service has adopted and integrated traditional project management processes into the implementation of its 3D animation projects.

Boldfruit utilizes certified PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) for its 3D animation projects. PMI (Project Management Institute) is the worldwide No.1 authority in project management. Under there professional code of ethics, a Boldfruit 3D animation project manager is compelled to adopt and follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle of project management.

With this, they manage the integration of the work done by different 3D visualization team experts including; scriptwriter, pencil-artist, color artist, graphic designer, 3D designer/animator, and sound editor. The ability to have a central figure (project manager) working to put together the work of the design/video experts is whats differentiates Boldfruit from other local 3D animation service companies.

Below are the 5 processes adopted for 3D animation project management in Nigeria;

  1. Initiate: Collaborate with clients to gather and understand there requirements, expectations and objectives of the animation project. This will lead us to issue a competitive quote for the job to the client.
  2. Plan: Unlike traditional 2D graphics design works, 3D animation is relatively time-consuming and expensive. This requires we plan the for time and a structured progress payment that will have the client pay for valuable chunks of work that will be done thereby mitigating the risk of no-fulfillment on our part.
  3. Execution: We work with the client through our in-house project collaboration intranet platform (teamvase.com) that will allow both parties to seamlessly share messages, files, edit and collaborate on the storyboard, and manage video/audio/image files. It offers a private site option, with a secure login for the client. The work we do cuts across the various stages of 3D animation works including; story/scripting, character(s)/objects formation, storyboarding, 3D modeling, Rigging/animation, sound editing, and final production rendering.
  4. Monitor & Report: At various stages and up to completion, the client will get to see and collaborate with the ongoing job through the teamvase.com platform.
  5. Close-Out: We handover high-resolution video files and close-out all payments.


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